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Meet the Nocturne Acres Dogs




PAM V Nurmi Von Den Maibuchen SchH3 IPO3 UDT AX AXJ HXas VCD2 KKL1 (life) "A" OFA DNA

December 2, 1997 to March 17, 2011

Sire: VA2 Jango vom Furstenberg, SchH3
Dam: Ginga von den Maibuchen, SchH3

Breaking News!
Nurmi is the #2 ATAA Sire for 2010 AGAIN!
#2 ATAA Sire in 2009
#1 ATAA Sire in 2008
(Annual Training Achievement Awards honor the sires and dams of outstanding performance dogs - Read More)

#1 2008 ATAA Sire See Nurmis Progeny

Nurmi was presented with the first Performance Award of Merit at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show in 2001 for his achievements in Schutzhund, Obedience, Agility and Herding. He is Körklasse 1 for life and rated V1 at the GSDCofA-WDA SE Regional Show in 2001 (Körmeister: Horst Knabe, Germany). Click here for the complete ATAA writup.

Nurmi Nurmi Nurmi

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SchH3 Schutzhund 3 12/2000
V1 Körklasse 1-A life
Körmeister Knabe - Miami Florida-USA
NA Novice Agility 05/20/2001
CD Companion Dog degree 06/23/2001
NAJ Novice Agility Jumper 07/13/2001
OA Open Agility 07/15/2001
CDX Companion Dog Excellent 08/19/2001
HT Herding tested 11/04/2001
TC Temperament Certified 11/06/2001
OAJ Open Agility Jumper 12/31/2001
CGC AKC Canine Good Citizen 04/06/2002
AXJ Excellent Agility Jumper 04/14/2002
PT Pre-trial-Herding 04/21/2002
AX Excellent Standard Agility 06/02/2002
V rating SV Österreichische Siegerhaupt-Zuchtschau
Judenburg, Austria
V rating SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau
Karlsruhe, Germany
HSas GSDC of A National Specialty St. Louis Mo. Reserve High in Herding Trial
(Highest Scoring Agility & Highest Scoring Obedience Titled Dog in Herding)
HIas Herding Intermediate
Reserve High in Trial-Lady Lake Florida-Australian Shepherd Herding Trial
UD Utility degree 08/23/2003
IPO3 Wesley Chapel Total Dog Training Club, Florida 11/22/2003
TD Mt. Nitany Training Club State College, PA 05/30/2004
VCD 1 Versatility Companion Dog 05/30/2004
VCD 2 Versatility Companion Dog 05/30/2004
HX Herding Advanced
Lady Lake Florida-Australian Shepherd Herding Trial



PAM V GCh Nocturne's Navigator SchH3 UD NA NAJ AD BH KKL1 (life) CGC "A" OFA DNA

Born January 11, 2006

Breeder/Owner: Helen Gleason. Co-owner: Linda Bankhead

Sire: AOE 2X Sel Ex US Ch/ Sel Can Ch Keylis Purple Rain RN TC OFA DNA

Dam: PAM V Nocturne's Kim SchH3 AD BH CDX PT AX AXJ KKL1 life OFA DNA

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Gator & Helen

Helen & Gator

Ch Nocturne's Navigator SchH2 is one of very few dogs to have achieved both a US Championship and a SchH2 title and is, to the best of our knowledge, the first SchH2 Champion to have earned his KKL1 title. He is actively working on further performance and agility titles.

Gator was bred and is owned, trained and titled by Helen Gleason who handles him in all his performance events, including his SchH1 and SchH2 titles.

He is available at stud by private arrangement.

"Good Morning, I purchased two males ... out of your stud. I just wanted to write to tell you how well they are doing in their puppy socialization/guide dog training. People have been so impressed with these pups that I have convinced them to let me purchase some females from different lines so that when they are 2 years of age, and pass all medical and behavioral evaluations. I can start breeding straight German Shepherd’s for our program."  (quote from a guide dog organization about Navigator)

*** See the Gallery and Litters for pictures of Gator's puppies

V Ch. Nocturne's Navigator CD NA NAJ SchH1 Gator Gator
Gator Gator  
Ch Nocturne's Navigator Gator Gator

Gator is in a Movie ("Last Kind Words")!
Here are some publicity pictures with the cast

Gator Gator

Brad Dorif and Navigator

Spencer Daniels with Navigator

Gator Gator

Spencer Daniels & Sarah Steele with Navigator

Brad Dorif and Navigator

BH Cedar Hill Working Dog Club USA-Harald Hohmann  SV judge Woodburn, Ky 6/9/07
AD Cedar Hill Working Dog Club USA-Harald Hohmann  SV judge Woodburn, Ky 6/9/07
SchH Wesley Chapel Total Dog Training Club SV judge Willi Stieger 02/02/2008
V WCTDTC conformation show-  Dr. Morton Goldfarb 02/02/2008
Ch AKC Championship Title 03/31/2008
KKL1 Margit van Dorsen -Bluegrass Schutzhund Club 06/08/2008
CD AKC Companion Dog Title 06/21/2008
CDX AKC Companion Dog Excellent Title 2/21/2009
NA Novice Agility (finished title with first place in the class) 1/17/09
NAJ Novice Agility Jumpers (finished title with first place in the class) 1/17/09
SchH2 WCTDTC Trial SV judge Willi Stieger 2/13/2009
BOB Tampa Bay GSDC - Judge, Joanna Rand 3/6/2010
BOB Tampa Bay GSDC - Judge, Tom Draham 3/7/2010
BOB Ft. Myers GSDC - Judge, Dan Dwier 4/10/2010
SchH3 WCTCTC - WDA trial SV judge Rudiger Mai - High in Trial 1/21/2011


Zev & Scott  


SG Nocturne's Zev BH TC AD DM Clear OFA H/E Normal "a"

Born December 2013

Breeder/Owner: Helen Gleason.

Sire:VA Ebafarmens Izaro SchH 3 KKL1 "a1"DM clear

Dam:Dam: Nocturne's Tracy SG HB SC "a" DM clear

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Zev's Ad in the GSD Review

Zev   Zev
Zev   Zev2016